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The program seems to be working on 2.x sites, but I've stopped working on it, waiting for the release of the GT 3.0 program, which will have a bookmark system.

While I've installed a few sites, I've not had the time to check out the bookmark system.

I will modify the program to import into, and/or work with the GT system, *if* it's potentially better, or I'll finalize, and release this version if I think I like mine better.

So, it will be a few more weeks, but one way or another, there will be a good bookmark/wishlist system available.
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Re: [pugdog] Update In reply to
I'm testing GLinks 3 but do not want to use its inbuilt bookmark system because it requires User to be logged in.

I want to allow non-Users to have bookmarks and so have decided to revert to the MyFaves plugin.

Unfortunately, although it installed OK, the templates are not displaying the <%faves_list%> or any other information properly.

(I've put the myfaves code in beta3 templates)
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Re: [scottish] Update In reply to
The only way to allow non-logged in users to have bookmarks, is to use cookies, and that is really not a great idea.

Otherwise, how can the system figure out who the user is?

You are much better to set your system to use the log on, make everyone log on, but set the cookie expire date for something like 5 years in the future.

That's how most other sites do it. Like the IMDB. You rarely have to log back on, but it tracks you via cookies. When you lose your cookie, in a browser update, or on a new computer, you have to relog on.
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Re: [pugdog] Update In reply to
I really don't want to have people as Users just to allow them to use Bookmarks.

I want to limit my Users to 'trade' who want to add link etc. and by using GCommunity link all my sites together. I also want to display trade specific news & info specific to logged in Users.

(I've disabled both news & review options for the same reason)

I also need to expire login cookies in hours rather than years because many of the computers used within the trade have multiple operators- and some people only have access to the internet via public computers- in libraries etc.

For this reason, I would really like to use the MyFaves Plugin as on my v2 site- but there is some sort of bug in it. Can you help?

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scottish: Mar 19, 2005, 1:40 AM
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Re: [scottish] Update In reply to

Let me explain something about cookies and log ons :)

The cookie option stores all the data on the Users machine. If the cookie expires, the information is lost. If a new user logs on, and changes the cookie, all the data is lost. You can't use individual cookies on a multi-user machine -- WITHOUT LOGGING IN!

Sorry, it can't be done. (Well, it can't be done economically, and you'd probably be the only person who'd ever want it).

By using a logon, you've identified WHICH cookie belongs to which user, and the information is stored on the MySQL database.

There is simply no way -- and it would be a security nightmare -- to even attempt access to the database without a log on.

In short, what you want to do is not possible.

Your users need to log on.

You can have cookies expire in 15 minutes if you'd want.

But they need to log on to match them up with their bookmarks.

FWIW: there is no reason to run a site today, that does not require log ons. The risks of anonymous access, explotation of a security hole, etc are too great. You can SHOW guets things, but you can't let them commit anything to the database without incurring a risk out of proportion to the benefit, except on a VERY, VERY limited, and highly structured scale.
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Re: [pugdog] Update In reply to

Thanks for your reply.

I see what you are talking about as regards cookies/login.

In my v2.x installation, I had MyFaves plugin working very well. What I am looking at is using this plugin with v3.x (forget about bookmarks).
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Re: [scottish] Update In reply to
The "faves" and "bookmarks" are essentially the same thing.

Paul and Andy implemented the "favorites" differently, I took a middle course between them, and I really have not looked at the GT Bookmarks system well enough to know what they did.

I like my system, since it's flexible enough to be modded into a "wish list" or gift registry. It allows external links, and customizing the link information.

A user who customizes a link, that is deleted from the Links database, will not lose their link. If they felt strongly enough about it to customize it, they should not have it arbitrarily disappear.

I know this is a potentially hot issue, but I need to side on the "user" end, and anti-censorship end, when it comes to this. I don't want my bookmarks disappearing, I at least want to know they went down, or were removed, not simply "go away."
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Re: [pugdog] Update In reply to
I've seen 'MyFaves' being used a lot in my current setup on v2.x

This particular website is commercial with short-term requirements to save a list of URLs.

I'm looking at large numbers of visitors storing short-term lists of links. I really don't want all the facilities available with GT Bookmarks for them in this particular website. (I'm implementing bookmarks in other sites).

All I want to know is can MyFaves plugin be made to work with Beta3?
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Re: [pugdog] Update In reply to
MyFaves is now working on the 3.0 final release of GLinks